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Units Markup Language (UnitsML)

UnitsML was a project underway to develop a schema for encoding scientific units of measure in XML. A database (UnitsDB) containing extensive information about scientific units was developed to accompany the schema.

An OASIS Technical Committee was created to address any needed changes in the schema and publish a final recommendation.

Additional information:

  1. Two-page Description (May 2006; PDF 173 kB)

  2. FAQs (February 2007)

  3. UnitsML Schema Information:
    Documentation, CSD schema, and changes for UnitsML, Ver. 1.0-csd04. (December 2011)
    [Lite Documentation and Schema (0.9.18)]
    1. Example of concise documentation generated with a style sheet.
  4. Guidelines for the Use of Units Markup Language: PDF | ODT

  5. Naming and Design Rules - Version 1.0 & Rules only

  6. UnitsML Presentations:
    1. SCC20 - TII/TAD Working Group Meeting (September 11, 2011; PPT | PDF)
    2. Overview slides used in the 1st OASIS TC Meeting (July 12, 2006; PDF 470 kB)
    3. Sixth Open Forum on Metadata Registries (Jan 2003; PPT 450 kB)

  7. "Improving Interoperability by Incorporating UnitsML into Markup Languages" (Jan-Feb 2010; PDF 1.2 MB)

  8. UnitsDB Entity Relationship Model

This project was supported in part by NIST's Systems Integration for Manufacturing Applications (SIMA) Program.

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